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On this page we provide some tips that can improve the performance of your computer and give you ideas you can use with your system.


When you purchase a new printer, remember to add it to the list of printers for your computer. This will allow you to print on your new printer.

Computer Operations

Try not to open too many programs while working on your computer. The more things that are open, the slower your system will run.

Maintenance Issues

Keep your laptop out of extreme hot and cold temperatures, which could affect the performance of the PC.

Useful Tidbits

Key XP Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the small joys of computer use is discovering a shortcut key that is so helpful you start using it every day. -

Understanding Memory

Should you live with a minimum amount of RAM and save a few dollars, or should you spend some extra cash and load up the system? Just how much memory is enough? -

Find Wi-Fi Hotspots Near You

Wi-Fi locations, offering wireless access to the Internet, are popping up all over the world. Several may be in your neighborhood or anywhere you're going to be. Locating them is easy. - PCWorld


Tips And Tricks


Stretch Your Signal

Having a wireless network in your home or office is great, right? What happens, however, when your signal doesn't extend to the kitchen, or to the last few offices in your corridor? -




Rethinking Microsoft Service Packs

Given how big and feature-rich the latest Microsoft service packs have been, Microsoft needs to rethink how they are installed. - eWeek

Device Drivers

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